Tuesday, November 23, 2010

They're Outta Here...soon...

My princess is getting her tonsils and adenoids out...finally.  It's been a long time coming.  They probably should have come out three years ago.  She's the perfect candidate...has every criteria...every single one of them.  I took her in to an ENT yesterday and it was really eye opening and made me feel pretty guilty for not pushing harder for this sooner.  Her tonsils have not been a good friend to her.  They are always enlarged and actually touch eachother in the back of her throat.

I have never had surgery myself and the thought of my princess going under is a little bit scary...even if it's just her tonsils and adenoids.  Her surgery date has been set for the middle of December and now the countdown begins.  After I got off the phone with the scheduling department this morning, I found myself a little anxious.  I went in to my room and had to say to myself out loud, "You love her, God, more than I ever could or ever will."  And I know, she will rest well in His hands.

I talked about it all with her last night and she is worried about everything...especially the pain...and how she will be going to sleep.  If you could remember to keep my princess in your prayers over the next couple of weeks...that her fears would be calmed, that she would remain healthy, and that the surgery would go great with no complications this Momma would appreciate it.

2 things to add:

Brittany said...

Praying for you...and your little princess.... We actually just found out that Robbie is going to have to have tubes put in and his adenoids removed. Dont feel guilty its amazing on how much Doc's push people off now a days it has taken me a year now for them to listen to me. DONT FEEL BAD!

Amber said...

We'll be praying for you guys. I know how hard it is to watch your little one go into surgery! :-( Will pray all goes well.