Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and Stuff

Aren't they loveable!
gifts from my love

Today, I feel especially loved.  My kids were on their best behavior this morning...and looking oh so cute in their festive shirts that Gammy sent them.  The weather was a kiss from heaven.  Two packages arrived from my man reminding me of his thoughtfulness...a dozen roses and a box of chocolate covered strawberries.  My littlest man made sure to tell me several times today that he thinks I am beautiful.  And finally, my middle man told me that he is having Daddy get me an Usher poster because he knows how much I liked watching Usher and Justin Bieber perform last night on TV.  Apparently, I am supposed to hang in on my wall in my room...I am pretty sure Daddy is not going to go for that...but, my middle man's heart was in the right place...and he gave me his one and only butterfinger and that is way better than an Usher poster.  Happy Valentine's Day...I hope you feel loved today.

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