Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Celebrating Seven

 A few minutes after waking up it was time to start the birthday festivities...messy hair and all!

 Looking forward to watching these with my Princess!

 A Penbo...she's been asking for one of these and was so excited that she got it!

 Her ATM...she is obsessed with it now and had fun depositing all of her birthday cash.

 All ready for school in her princess dress, posing by some of her loot.

 Buttery, buttery toast for breakfast...her favorite.

 I went up to her school and brought icecream sandwiches for her class...she was loving all the attention.

 For dinner, she chose Applebees.  The first one we tried had been shut down and so we drove out of our way because she was set on having Applebees for her birthday dinner.  She was thrilled when they brought her a big sundae after her meal!

Just so happened that Grandpa was in the area and was able to surprise her and meet us for was special for her.

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