Monday, May 2, 2011


The subject of losing baby teeth has become a sore one in our home.  Mostly because my Middle Man lost his first tooth...and my Princess, being a whole year older, had not.  We kept telling her that her time would come...but we were getting a little worried ourselves.

Her two bottom teeth were getting a little loose and for the past week, all she did was wiggle them to try and loosen them up more.  By Thursday night, one of them was ready to come out.  She wanted to wait until the next morning to pull it...which I was bummed about because I had to work and knew I would miss it.

On Friday morning, I got an email from her at work saying that she had lost her tooth.  Daddy let her chose the method that it would come out...she chose to tie a string around it and then the other end to the door and slam the door.  I wish I would have been there, but I am glad that Dan didn't miss this moment.

Dan has become quite the tooth fairy in our house.  He has found a way to sneak the money ($2 for their first tooth...25 cents after that) under their pillow while kissing them goodnight.  Sneaky, sneaky.  Glad he has the part down because on Friday night, I didn't even remember that we needed two singles to give to her.

Both Princess and Middle Man have a few other teeth that should be ready to come out in the next month...can't wait to see them both with their snaggle toothed smile!

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