Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We had a birthday party for Kait on Sunday evening.  For the first few years of the kids' lives, I was a store bought cake kinda girl.  The easier the better.  I didn't want the mess or the hassle...just order it and be done with it.  After Dan lost his job that changed.  I couldn't justify spending that kind of money on a cake, but still wanted their big day to be special.

I was going to go the store bought cake route this year for Kait.  One day at work, I started looking around online for ideas and came across the rainbow cake idea.  It looked fantastic and I was set on doing one, no matter how hard or how long it took.

I was exhausted on Saturday after coming home from work, but for some reason thought that making a cake would be relaxing...ha, maybe if I was a pro.  I won't lie, this cake was difficult...but it happens to be the first layer cake that I have ever made...and it had six layers.

I mixed up the cake from scratch and then separated it in to six individual bowls so I could color each one.  I had to bake two layers at a time because I only have two cake pans.  Stacking the layers was a little stressful and around the four layer mark I just felt like picking up the whole cake and throwing it against the wall...but luckily my husband came home and talked me down.  I mixed up the frosting from scratch, got it all frosted, and was so pleased with the outside...hoping that the inside would be equally beautiful.

It came time for cake on Sunday evening...it was the moment I had been anticipating for around 26 hours at that point.  I cut in to it and sliced out the first piece and it was what I was hoping for.  It was beautiful and I was happy that my Princess thought her birthday cake was pretty neat.

Layer cakes?  Yeah, I think I might be taking up a new hobby.

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Rebecca said...

Oh, Beth! Your cake looks totally awesome. I am the get-totally-frustrated-and-want-to-throw-the-cake-against-the-wall kinda girl myself. (My hubs usually talks me down from the ledge too.) I am inspired to try this cake for the next birthday that rolls around. :>)