Monday, August 4, 2008

Dear Dan,

I am trying to be content, I really am. But, I am also in some serious pain. (read the following, picturing head hung low and puppy dog eyes for the full effect)

This is me begging, Dan, for all of the world to see. I am making my case for a pair of new shoes. Please take time to read and reconsider.

You know I have a high pain tolerance, higher than most. I have been accused of being a little over dramatic at times but this time, this is the real thing. In case you are thinking in your head right now, "you need to go to the doctor", I am not going to the doctor. Afterall, if he says that I can't run anymore, I won't listen to him anyway. It will be wasted gas and a waste of my time. I think the real solution to my problem would be a new pair of shoes. I know we have insurance but with no new addition, I haven't meant my deductible. That means, I can either pay $70 for a doctors visit or $70 for a new pair of shoes (believe me, I found a pair for much less...well not much less, but I do get free shipping) Please, pretty please, I really would appreciate new running shoes. I know I bought my current pair to wear in The Crim but I think I didn't calculate my mileage right...humm...lets see...

I got them May 17th.
I do no less than 2.5 miles everyday
I have had them for 79 days
At least 20 of those days I have done 5 miles or more
With that being said, by my calculations, I have about 277 miles on these babies.

My arch is killing me and there is shooting pain up the right side of my leg. It's not good. Reconsider??

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Hollie said...

Oh please, please, please Dan... can my friend... you wife... get a new pair of shoes?? It would just make her so very happy!