Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Attempt

Well, I worked on this project for two hours. It has been retired to be a dress up skirt, but at least now I think I will have the kinks worked out for the first "good enough to wear in public" skirt. It's the first skirt I have made that I have had to do the whole gathering thing. I bought the fabric a while ago and have plenty more stashed down stairs. I think next time I will break it down into three different might be more enjoyable then. At least Kaitlyn doesn't notice each flaw. She is happily spinning around in her new skirt in the living room announcing that her princess party has just begun. Oh to be 4 again....

1 things to add:

Rebecca said...

I looks cute!! What don't you like about it or what didn't turn out right?? Gathering is like a love/hate thing. And the more you do it, the faster & better you'll get.

As long as she feels like a princess, that's all that counts!