Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Gallons

Just when the feeling starts to creep back in, I am reminded by my Heavenly Father, through someone that He has called, that we are not forgotten.

This road is a lonely one. I struggle day to day with feelings of being forgotten, be it by people or by My God. It's mostly in the quiet times or when I am alone at work when my mind starts to wander. I have a lot of time alone at work to think...haven't figured out if it's a good thing or a bad thing yet. It's not what anyone has done or hasn't and my feelings might be totally unfounded, but still, it's how I feel.

I have begun to realize when I am most vulnerable to the negative thoughts but haven't quite figured out how to totally bridle them altogether. Scripture helps, certain songs keep my thoughts focused where they need to be, emails from people help me feel remembered. Yesterday it was two gallons of milk.

Anna, if you read this, thank you. Perfect timing...God's timing.

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