Wednesday, March 18, 2009

George lives again...

My three year old son has had an imaginary friend for a little while now. His name is George (of all names) and he is quite the trouble maker. He does things that I tell Landon not to do. Of course, Landon blames everything on him...he's kinda got a drop dead Fred thing going on. He eats dinner with us, rides in the car with us, and pretty much goes where ever Landon goes. He will, on occasion, ride his "mogorcycle" up ahead of us when we have no room in our car to sit.

Well, about two weeks ago, we got some sad news. Landon informed us that George had been in a fire and his house had burned down. Fortunately, George was able to move into a "mogorhome" and that's where he has been living. He comes and stays with us whenever he can though. Tragedy struck again and George was burned in another fire shortly after. He was dead but then a "lifesaver" came a "maked him alive again". Even though he is a pain sometimes, we are happy that George pulled through.

Are there any other "imaginary friends" out there?

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Peaceful Chaoz said...

We've had our share! :0)

Rebecca said...

Had a couple friends here, but nothing that "involved".

Sounds like George knows Jesus though, since he was "maked alive again". Guess those trips with Landon to church have paid off, LOL.

John said...

Either that or Landon is now friends with Spawn

Kimmie said...

My oldest (now 18) had imaginary friends...she had a cat (Gingerale). We wouldn't let her have she came up with good ole Gingerale.

None of my other 6 have had them...not sure why. Although, I seem to remember my second oldest pointing at the ceiling at the grocery store, yelling, "There is Mo' you see him, he is drinking beer!" Yeah, not sure but Mo'boy was a little on the bad side. (and it was my daughter adopted from Hungary that 'had him.')

Thanks for the memories...glad George is okay.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Anonymous said...

Well... My "Friends" come back occasionally. They seem do be doing fine. It seems funny that Imaginary Friends seem to always have issues with House Fires (since mine also did). I wonder where that comes from... Oh well... They seem to pull through every time.