Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Gospel of Ruth: Finished

This past Friday, I finished The Gospel of Ruth. It was a good read! So good, that when my Father-in-law offered me another one of Carolyn Curtis James' books (Lost Women of the Bible), I took it with excitement. So, this from The Gospel of Ruth will finish it up:

...Naomi's participation in kingdom building is seriously impaired if she doesn't know God for herself.

She has to experience him, not just learn about him. That means walking with him through storms, adversities, disappointments, and losses. For Naomi, it involved spending time at ground zero - getting angry, feeling betrayed, abandoned, and forgotten. She had to ask the hard questions, cope with unanswered prayers, and endure countless sleepless nights filled with doubts, fears, anxieties. She had to fin God's hesed in the middle of the mess. The dark night of the soul is an awful place to be, but that's where God trains his best warriors. (The Gospel of Ruth, p. 205)

I am already on page 40 of Lost Women of the Bible and I am already anticipating reading When Life and Beliefs Collide. Anyone else out there read anything by Carolyn Curtis James?

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