Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am so thankful for the senses God has given us that allow us to enjoy the world he has created on so many different levels.

Self proclaimed Yankee Candle freak here. It's going on about ten years. I've burned Yankee Candles since highschool. Usually around this time of year, I would pick my favorite scents for the spring/summer. I love burning candles and have my favorite scents for each season. I recently got their Spring catalog complete with scratch and sniff (the best idea in the world!) and have enjoyed just "window shopping". My favorite pick for the warmer weather this year :

It's not a new scent. There's a few others that I have enjoyed taking in also...Pomegranate Fruit and Garden Sweet Pea. Today I am tucking away my Home for the Holidays and Autumn Wreath and replacing them with what's left of my Sun and Sand. Spring is in the air.

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