Sunday, June 21, 2009



My wedding. After watching him run to the bathroom minutes before he was supposed to walk me down the aisle, he returned and I took his arm. I couldn't believe this was it. I held on tight as he walked me down the long staircase. I always felt safe with him. We got to where Dan was standing and my Dad stood between us. Life as Daddy's little girl flashed before my eyes. It was time already. He said the words, "Her mother and I," and gave me away. With tears running down my cheeks and the past twenty years gone in the blink of an eye, I hugged him with everything, going over in my head just how thankful I was for him.
He's my Dad...the first man I ever loved. He was the biggest, strongest, smartest man on the planet. He could beat up any other kid's dad. He was 7' 11" tall and could pick up a car. He knew everything and could fix anything. He was superhuman. Aren't all Daddy's?

God blessed me with a Father who was man enough to be called Daddy. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Thank you for showing me a Father's Love.

God also blessed me with another man who is man enough that my children call him Daddy. He is the first man they have ever loved. He is the biggest, strongest, smartest man on the planet. They think he is 7' 11" and can pick up our car. He knows everything and can fix anything. He is superhuman and I am finding out more everyday just how incredible he is. My kids call him Daddy and I am blessed to call him my husband.

Happy Father's Day, Dan. I am so very proud of you. God has taken us places that I would never have chosen for us, but it has moved our relationship somewhere that we could have never gotten on our own. It's insanely easy to become a father, but difficult to become a Daddy. Thank you for the way you care for our kids. I have watched you come such a long way in just the last couple months. I am certain they will never forget these special moments with you. You are a great man! Happy Father's Day.

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