Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three blessings

My babies are growing up. It may not be that evident to me all the time, but they are doing it right before my very eyes.


My princess is five.

She will be starting kindergarten in just two short months. Where has the time gone?

We have been spending time at Grandma's pool. She has learned to swim. Yesterday, we had some family time there. Dan and I stole a few kisses...okay more than a few...only to hear Kaitlyn in the background saying, "I've got my eyes on you," and giggling.

Last night, we dropped Kaitlyn off at her very first ballet/tap class (a birthday present from Gammy and Poppy)...just dropped her off. The night before she was so excited, but hesitated for a moment and added, "What if the other girls make fun of me because I am new?" I tried my best to calm every fear of hers. She was a little shy when we got to the studio at first. When I went in to pick her up, she was all smiles and couldn't wait to show me everything she learned. She's tall and slender...the perfect ballerina type.


My little man is looking older by the day. He will be four in a month and a half. Wasn't I just plugging his ya-ya in his mouth when I needed some peace and quiet?

He is ever so considerate...a peacemaker. He gets along with everyone. He has taken to looking out for his little brother and making sure he is happy.

He loves to swim. He's pretty good at taking giant leaps into the pool. Yesterday it was extremely cute seeing him climb up on the raft next to Daddy and try to mimic the way he was laying.

Yesterday evening he looked up at me and said, "When I grow up I am going to get married." I said, "oh yeah, who are you going to marry?" He replied, "A girl who is nice to me." That's a good place to start, but with those killer blue eyes I am sure he'll have them lined up.


My angel boy has become not such an angel. I knew it was bound to happen. He will be two in August. Wasn't it just yesterday that I almost had this little fireball in the car?

A almost two year old should not be doing some of the stuff that he is able to do. He is a climber. He has also learned to swim around the pool by himself with the help of floaties...he is so little so it looks so hilarious to watch him kick around by himself.

He is in to copying...copying words, copying actions. I especially love it when I look over and he is copying the way I am sitting or the way I am moving my hands when I am talking.

He is social. My first to actually walk himself right into the nursery at church...or walk around the church with no care to where Daddy or myself are...pant-less for that matter. That's my boy, but he needs to remember that we save that for the privacy of our own home.


Thank you, Lord. How could I ask for more?

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Peaceful Chaoz said...

Gosh every time I'm in church I think about how Collin was shaking everyones hand as they came to sit down!! Learning from the young ;0)