Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crowned (part 1)

We were told by our dentist that because of Landon's high fevers and being sick so much the first couple years of his life, his back teeth have no enamel on them and are like chalk. They are eroding away. So, we were sent over to a pediatric dentist (which I absolutely love!!!) for him to get two crowns put on his two top back teeth. He had the first one done yesterday.

My little guy was so nervous. He sat on my lap and clung to me in the waiting room. I felt terrible for him. They called us back and took us to a room where he would "be crowned". I was able to sit right beside him and rub his leg the whole time. He did fantastic. He followed every direction and did everything the dentist said to do. It helped that the dentist was singing and has such a calming voice that it almost put me to sleep. After his crown was in place, his assistant took Landon to look in the mirror and then handed him a ticket for a free ice cream at McDonalds. It had a sparkly golden arch on it so Landon called it his golden ticket. Thanks to that little ticket, Landon can't wait to go back to have his other side done.

Too often, I underestimate my little man. He was so very brave. We walked out of there and he turned in to a chatter box talking to me about everything...he was still numb so he had drool running out of the side of his mouth and was talking funny. After three shots in his gum, having his tooth shaved down, and having a big crown rammed on, I was and am so very proud of my little silver toothed drool monster.

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