Thursday, August 19, 2010

An End...

This week marks an end. It's actually bittersweet. Two years ago, I took a job...a job I despised, but I did what I needed to do. I worked there for six months, all the while praying that God would get me out of there. He did. I was hired in January of 2009 and have been there ever since. If I couldn't be at home, I was thankful to spend my evenings there. I am doing what I love to do with some fantastic people. Still, my heart longs to be at home with my kids, to fix my family dinner, to give baths, read bedtime stories, and tuck everyone in at night. As the end of our two years of unemployment was drawing near, I would walk the halls at work and pray that it wouldn't be much longer. And I could hardly believe it in July when my time came. So, after this week, I will be going to a PRN status at work. I will be working three Saturdays a month and every third Monday...picking up hours when they need me, but on my terms. I will also have two weeks off between the end of my regular schedule and the start of my relief position. So, again, I am feeling so blessed and so thankful. What am I going to do with all of my extra time?! There are about five things on my list so far and three of them start with K, L, and C. ;-) So good to be home!

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