Monday, August 9, 2010

Super Mario Party

I have a little boy who is obsessed with the Super Mario Brothers. Other than his first birthday, he has always shared a birthday party with his little brother. Since he is turning five this year, I wanted to make it super special for him and throw him a Super Mario Brothers birthday party.

My in-laws graciously allowed us to use their house for the party...they have the perfect place :a big space, a huge deck, and a refreshing swimming pool! I kept the decorations simple...mostly primary colors. I did splurge on the plates and napkins though. The plates had Mario and Luigi on them and the napkins had mushrooms on them.

The centerpiece.

Landon (super excited) waiting for his guests to arrive and the party to start.

Immediately following lunch, all of his guests sat down and played Super Mario Brother's Bingo...I found a free printable file on one of my many searches. The game was a hit!

After a little swimming, I brought out "Mario" for pin the mustache on Mario. It was pretty funny to watch...and it was totally worth the time I spent drawing him.

Mario after all of the kids had a turn.

Homemade red and blue cupcakes!!

The birthday boy and his Momma

Takin a dip in the pool

The party went very well and Landon had a great time! I was so happy to give him a memorable day that made him feel so special.

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Rebecca said...

Looks great! Love the theme and all the frugal ideas. Great cupcakes too :>)