Friday, August 6, 2010

She Did It!

It was decided that we would not pierce Kaitlyn's ears when she was a baby. I thought the younger the better, but Dan wanted her to be able to make that choice for herself.

It wasn't until recently that she started talking about it. She would ask where she would have to go, how bad it would hurt, and other things about having it done. Then, at the beginning of this week, she said that she wanted to get them done after they got their pictures taken at JC Penney. I figured that she would later decide not to so I didn't even have her ask Dan. Well, it wasn't just a passing thought and she mentioned something to her Daddy and ended up asking his permission...which was granted.

After the kids' pictures today, we headed out to the mall to get her ears pierced. I still was not sure whether she would go through it or not, but wanted to give her the opportunity. We walked in and she said she needed a few minutes to think about it. So, we walked around looking at the earrings, headbands, and purses. A few minutes passed and I asked what she had decided. She said that she wanted her ears done and she was ready. So, I got the lady, she picked out the green earrings (which shocked me that they weren't red or pink), and sat there as still as a statue...with a worried little look on her face. I signed her life away (ha ha) and then held her hand. The first one went in and she didn't scream, cry, or hardly even flinch...not even a tear came to her eyes. I was shocked...again. I held her other hand, told her how proud I was of her, and the lady did the other ear. Not one complaint, cry, or scream...again. She hopped down with a huge smile on her face and saw herself in the mirror. I almost started to get teary looking at my baby girl, who is not so little anymore.

We left and made our way back to where we came from. A few times I looked over at her and told her just how proud I was of her. She kept saying that she couldn't believe she did that and she said that she even surprised herself.

My princess and her pierced ears...she can't wait to show them off!

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