Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Little Man is a Whole Hand!

Five years ago my little man was born. Welcomed in to this world by a Kutless song...still reminds me of his birth to this day. I really can't believe it's been five years...five just seems too old.
My gorgeous boy has really grown up this year. He has become so helpful around the house. He is the best cleaner upper out of the three of them. He is the most giving out of the bunch too and really cares for his siblings, cousins, and friends. He has been really working on saying his t-h's and l 's the right way...all on his own. It's going to make me so sad when his little quirky ways that he says some words are all gone. He has also been counting past 100 all on his own. He is off to kindergarten in a few weeks...and although I worry about him because he is so shy, I am sure he will do very well. It's his Momma that is going to have a really hard time not having him home all day. He has really taken a liking to golf. Daddy cut down a few clubs for him so they are his size and he loves to go out in the back yard a hit a few balls around. He's actually pretty darn good at it. I am really looking forward to seeing what's in store for my blond hair, blue eyed boy this year. I am blessed to be his Momma.
My whittle Wandon, Happy Birthday, baby boy! You are such a joy and a blessing to me. I love how you wander in to my room and just sit on my floor by my bed and wait patiently for me to wake up. You are a patient little boy. You have been such a big helper to me and are such a good big brother to Collin. I have loved watching you take more of that roll this past year. I have loved watching you learn to give to others and put others before yourself. You are the first one to give up a toy or a seat that someone else wanted. You are always willing to share your candy or a special treat that you have gotten. I pray that you will always remember what a special little boy you are. I feel so blessed to be able to nurture you along in life and I pray that hugs and kisses for Momma will still be cool for a few more years. I love you Landon.

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Brittany said...

HAHAHA Robbie's 5th Birthday is on Tuesday and he calls it his WHOLE hand Birthday!!! HAHAHA