Friday, July 18, 2008

From a Stray

It went something like this (at the neighborhood park this morning):

Kaitlyn: Mommy, there's a kitty! Landon lets go meet her.

Kaitlyn and Landon ran over.
Kaitlyn: I think she is going in the forest.
Both of them start calling the cat.

Kaitlyn: Hey, Landon, lets name her Kimmie.

Landon : Yeah, Kimmie.

They play with the cat for a few minutes. Landon burps really loud and scares it. They both laugh.

Kaitlyn: Can we keep her? Curtis needs a wife.
I am not falling for that one again. Besides, it was a male cat.

Me: No Kaitlyn, we can't keep her. Curtis hates other cats. She probably has a home.

Before I could say anything, Kaitlyn bends down and scoops the cat up. The picture to the side is the result. He got her pretty good.

I called her over and tried to comfort her while telling her that we NEVER EVER pick up an animal we don't know. Landon chimes in...

"We knew her. Her's name was Kimmie."

2 things to add:

Bonnie said...

That's so cute! What a funny boy! Poor Kaitlyn :(

Brittany said...

Poor Kat I hope she feels better.:(