Monday, July 28, 2008

Wednesday a little early...

I didn't feel like just sitting in my room today for my quiet time. I felt like a lesson from Beth Moore. I have a few to catch up on so I randomly picked one, but God knew which one I needed.

I have decided that instead of worrying about Dan's job situation, each day I just have to get up and thank him that Dan isn't laying beside me (even though that is wonderful...on weekends). Thank him that Dan is actually at work. He has blessed us with two full weeks of work. It's something that I had taken for granted. Like a spoiled child, I just expected Dan to have work.

Today, Beth had me in 2 Chronicles 20: 2-26. Some verses that stuck out to me:

vs 12 - basically, we don't know what to do but our eyes are on you.

vs 15 - Do not be afraid of discouraged...the battle is not yours it is God's.

vs 16 - even though the battle is not ours, the Lord still calls us to participate.

---ultimately their praise becomes a weapon.

The point that she touched on was that we need to change what we are saying. God wants us to be victorious. Here's steps we need to take to change what we are saying:

  • bring our complaint to the Lord
  • gather the prayer support we need
  • stop rehearsing our complaint and start praising

The more we rehearse our problem, the more we will believe defeat. We are basically rehearsing disaster.

How incredibly simple things would be if we bring our concerns before God and then the rest of the time trust, leave the battle up to Him, and bring Him our praise. I don't know about you but I would totally rather praise Him that worry about defeat or rehearse disaster.

Lord help me.

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