Monday, July 7, 2008

Since I never post on my middle child, I thought I would do so today. He is really growing up. He is looking forward to his birthday (he will be three!) and with that comes going off to "Cubbie School" with Kaitlyn. I am so thankful for my little man! Underneath all that loud, wild little boy energy is a thoughtful, caring, sweet little boy. He always is doing something to make us all laugh. Most recently it has been with the stuff that he comes up with or just simply how he pronounces words...there's always a "g" in there somewhere...

"Mommy, I have floaggies (floaties) on!"

"I am swimming in the pool with a noogle (noodle)."

I came up to him in grandma's pool to cuddle with him. He knew I was coming and quickly turned around and said, "I am a mean crocagile (crocodile)!"

"Mommy, I am pregending (pretending) to be a turgle (turtle)." The kid loves to pretend.

But what he said last week topped it all!

Upon pulling up to the entrance that took us to the Timber Ridge Lodge, Kaitlyn was quick to point out that there was a "stable just like Jesus was born in". To which Landon replied in a very excited loud voice, "We are in Heaven!"

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