Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Answer

First, let me say a big "Happy Birthday" to my Momma Shirley today! I know I already sang to you my most requested version of Happy Birthday to You but just wanted to publicly say how thankful I am for this day and how much you have blessed my life. Hope you get your "pink motorcycle cake".

Well, my Mommy's Helper is here this morning and what big task have I accomplished? Let's see...I went for a run and then came in and have spent the rest of the time with my God. The organization of the office was calling me but, for those of you who know Him, my God's voice is bigger.

I haven't been sleeping. I have become quite obsessed with our money situation and my part in getting more of it. I have put resumes out and actually had an interview yesterday. Something just hasn't felt right. I have been torn between sitting back and just relying on God to provide our needs and then wanting to go out there and make some extra cash to stock pile for when things get really that wrong of me? Dan makes enough money. Although, we are feeling the pains of higher gas prices and other financial things that have popped up over the past couple months. The letter from Dan's employer was a BIG wake up call for myself. My spending had gotten out of control and I wasn't placing God at the center of our finances. I like to be in control. Dan's job situation is totally out of my hands. I need to trust. We revised our budget this past weekend and that was eye opening. It's now beside my fridge to record weekly spending and keep track of everything down to the very last cent. So far so good, but I know I am going to have to wake up every morning and ask for His wisdom, guidance, and self control. He will be faithful to provide our needs.

Which brings me to something I read this morning:

Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well ~Matthew 6:33

and after was written "One of our greatest needs is SIMPLICITY."

That right there was my answer. I need to seek after him not money. I need to simplify things.

I can't sacrifice the time I have with my little ones right now. I can't leave them for a few hours everyday just because I want to pay off debt and have a big savings. A few hours seems like an eternity to them right now. My kids go down for nap and wake up and think they slept to the next day. This is where I am supposed to be. This is where my heart is.

2 things to add:

Erin said...

As a mom who LOVES working my part time only when my husband is home with my kids kind of job, I have to say that I agree with you. I know that my kids will only be this young for a short amount of time and the sacrifice of time is something that I just can't do. Plus, with the rising cost of childcare...who can afford it???

I am a firm believer that God will provide for what you NEED. What you need and what you want are two different things, so...if we take God at his word we will not have to worry about what we need.

Rebecca said...

I *so* feel ya! I am always wondering what the "right" thing to do is about trying to make more $$ vs. relying on God for everything. On one hand, we need to be responsible & pay our debtors, but on the other hand, God isn't just going to drop a bag of money on my front door. Well, He could.........
At least Dan is making "enough". We are still struggling about making more money, even though we are NOT making enough. Right now, the verse I have been clinging to is "Walk by faith, not by sight". Even though I can't SEE how God is going to provide for all our needs, I know He WILL. I have a few small amazing stories already of how He has cared for us & made more money appear where there wasn't as much before.

Let me know how we can encourage on another in this area. I was thinking of doing a couple of posts on frugal meals {not just hot dogs & mac & cheese, LOL}......