Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yes, this one is on The Crim training...again.

We have gotten serious. We broke out the stopwatch for the first time last night. I ran my first mile in 8:15...pretty good considering it was my first of three. My second I did in 8:30...a little disappointing, but at least I was consistent. Total time for my three miles: 25:36.

Tonight I was determined to keep it under 8 minutes. I was shooting for 7:30. Wouldn't you know, I came in, my lungs and legs burning, looked at the stop watch to see 7:34. Almost what I had hoped for. I will take it. We caught our breath and finished the night off with another two miles.

The big day is drawing near...August 23, 2008.

2 things to add:

Hollie said...

My legs are still hurting 2.5 hours later!

Erin said...

So what does the schedule look like for the next few weeks??? I am curious how runners turn up the distance? Do you slow your focus on the time and push for distance???