Sunday, July 20, 2008

You haven't always looked this way. Once upon a time I took care of you.

I made sure your nails were painted and repainted at least 3 times a week. Drawing little designs on them with toothpicks was my specialty. You know, back when I had the time to sit and paint and wait for them to dry.

The pedicures were wonderful...for you and for me. You were smooth, without blisters and calluses. You know, back when I had time to sit in a chair for an hour with my feet up. You know, back when we had the money.

Something happened. Things got busy. Heck, I couldn't even touch you for about a total of 18 months while cooking my three little miracles....couldn't see you for about a total of 6. More than that though. I really stopped caring. About you that is. You see, I took up running. I went out a few times and I was hooked. It's hard on you, I know. Please just hang in there. I really don't see an end in sight, but maybe if you guys (and my knees) carry me the length of the Crim, I will give you a few days off and a bit of TLC.

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Hollie said...

You're so funny! At least your toes are painted in this picture! I think I'm going to try the Band Aids tonight (if it stops raining)... hopefully they work!