Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Twenty-five, I loved. Twenty-six sounded okay. Today I turn twenty-seven. Twenty-seven is just not a number I want to be for a year. I might just have to lie this year and say I am twenty-six...next year I will jump to twenty eight (my golden birthday).

In my 26th year (in no particular order):

  • The first thing that comes to mind, even though it's not most important, is that I finally conquered the stick shift. Huge accomplishment for me! I was sure I would die not knowing how to drive one.

  • I did something I never said we would do (again)...we got a dog...and kept her.

  • I ran 2 10K's and a 10 mile race...the 10 mile being the hardest thing I have EVER done in my life...yes, even harder than having two of my three kids without drugs or epidural.

  • I learned that change isn't such a bad thing...but I still don't like it. :-)

  • I watched my sister become a Mom to another boy, from a distance and so wished I was closer.

  • I witnessed my baby brother marry the love of his life...and then, a few months later, got the news that he is going to be a daddy.

  • I got, not one, but two tattoos...and will get another.

  • I learned what I am really made of.

  • I experienced a friendship that I never thought I would find in anyone other than my sister...the best news is that she likes to run and she lives right next door.

  • I found something in my marriage that I was searching for and I love him more than ever.

  • I actually know what trusting God feels like.

  • I cut up my credit cards.

  • I crashed another car...I always made fun of my Dad for totaling so many vehicles...I am catching up.

  • I got a job at walmart...and then 4 months later called in and quit.

  • I am no longer a full time stay at home mom.

  • I landed a job doing what I love to do and I am pretty darn good at it.

  • I still don't have any cavities.

  • I became a brunette, but I do think blondes still have more fun. :-)

  • I danced the night away and loved it.

  • I have a vehicle and no car payment

  • I slipped to lower middle class but feel rich.

  • I had the wind knocked out of me but learned how good it feels to breathe again.

  • I did not become pregnant, have a child, or breast feed a child...it hasn't happened since my 20th year of life. :-)

  • I learned to let go.

  • I was blessed over and over and over...

  • I was taught what being content feel like.

Here's to twenty-seven!

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Erin said...

Happy Birthday!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Happy Birthday Vampire!! I have seen you grow so much in this last year and am so excited to see what God has planned for your 27th! Glad we can be a part of it! :0)

btw, savannah was saying today that she is the queen since its her birthday and jordan says "Nope Aunt Beth is the queen because she's older" ;0) Hope you feel like a Queen today! :0)

Rebecca said...

Happy, happy birthday!

May your 2nd 26th year be filled with even more wonder & blessings than the 1st 26th year!

Hollie said...

Happy Birthday friend!! I love you!

Brittany said...


Amber said...

Hey 27 isn't so bad! But I guess I can say that b/c I'm closer to 28 than you are...sorry ;-P Happy Birthday!

Christy said...

happy birthday! I hope this year is even better than 26!

You have tattoos? I want to see pictures!! (that is if they are in a "decent" place ;) )