Friday, April 24, 2009

My Larry...

*I have nicknames. I give them to people I love. I gave "Larry" to my Dad. It's a long story but after he ripped his face off in a body surfing accident and had to have his nose put back on his face he developed a funny whistle every time he would breathe. I dubbed him Whistler Larry. Over time, I dropped the Whistler and he was just my Larry.*

No, I didn't ask his permission. He is afraid of Mom telling me certain things because he says they will be on facebook for the world to see. Mom please don't tell him. :-) He's too high on pain killers anyway to even care. I talked to him yesterday and he rambled on and on...something about working out 35 hours a day to keep in shape. I laughed silently inside of myself at that one. Must be on some good stuff.

Please pray for my Dad. He is in an incredible amount of pain right now, enough to make a grown man cry. He has been dealing with severe back pain and doesn't know what it wrong. He went to the ER early morning on the 22nd and they were unable to do a MRI. They have been waiting for his doctor to get back from vacation and get the MRI approved by their insurance, which was like jumping through a flaming hoop . Anyway, his MRI has finally been scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8. Meanwhile, his doctor has put him on bed rest for the next two weeks and he will be unable to go to work during that time. He has never been one to sit still for very long (that's where I get it) and I know he will be stir crazy. Also, pray for my Mom as she takes care of him...especially as she tries to get all drugged up 200+ pounds of him out the door tomorrow in time for his MRI.

Poor Larry. Although, right now would be a wonderful time to drive out there and sing to him while he is unable to run away.

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Anonymous said...

Oh precious Beth. If only you could be so close as to drive here. "Larry" is so doped up right now, if you started singing, he'd probably join right in. :-) Maybe you should try that during our daily phone call tomorrow. Thank you so much Hon for the prayers said on his/my behalf. We'll get through this and hopefully his 35 hour a day workout comment will be another thing to laugh about during the holidays (along with his flying monkey comments or whatever they were during his face bashing time in FL). Love you Bess. Mom

Erin said...

Wait...hold on...he gets to work for 35 hours a day!!! I have been trying to get just another minute out of my day!

Seriusly though, I will pray for your precious Larry and Shirley too.