Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last call for the ER bus...

Seriously, anyone else in our family want to head up to ER. I will be more than happy to take you, but this is the final call.

Last night, Dan and I went out to celebrate our birthday's together (yes, mine is coming up too). We had a great time together. Dan's parents said that they would take the kids overnight. So, we were just getting home around 9 and we had two messages on our machine. His Dad's voice sounded like something was wrong. Dan called him back and after a minute or so, said that Landon was in the ER and Dan headed out the door.

I feel like I should do a "Not Me Monday" post about this. I would never, while my son is in ER, stay home and deep clean my house and take full advantage of having it empty. I would never turn the music up so loud and spend that time enjoying how loud it could be at 9:30/10'o clock at the only participant in my own little worship session. Definitely not while my son is in ER.

Landon got home close to 11. He was talking non stop and pretty happy with what had just transpired. We sat down on the couch and I played 20 questions with him. He had a sparkle in his eye. I felt bad for Dan's parents that it had to be them that had to deal with this happening while he was there at their house. I asked him if he had gotten blood on Grandma's carpet. His reply, "Yes, I did and Grandma was not even mean to me!" Priceless.

Grandma's house:The only place you can go and bleed all over the carpet and have no body be mean to you. :-)

I am just afraid, the way he was talking, that ER is the "funnest" place in the world to him and we will be back there shortly. These boys are going to put me in an early grave...or at least make us frequent fliers at the hospital. I am just thankful that our insurance hasn't been cancelled's coming the end of May.

Grandma and Grandpa:

Thank you for "not being mean" to my son when he bled all over your off white carpet. Thank you for caring for him like I know we would so that I could clean my house, turn up the music, have my own worship session knowing he was with you. Thank you for loving my kids! P.S. Sorry about any trauma this may have caused you and for the blood on your carpet. Love you both!

4 things to add:

Bob said...

We love you.
Carpets can be replaced...people can't... (It came out just fine by the way...)...
It was Deja Vu for me having taken Dan in 2 or 3 times for the same thing in the same part of the head. Even the papoose board was the same color, on they had velcro instead of laces. Proud of Landon and Dan in the ER (great daddy).

John said...

Papoose boards... ugh. We had Max strapped in a papoose board when he put his teeth through his bottom lip. Not fun.

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Maybe they would make a special insurance just for the "Barnett Family" ;0)

I was chuckling as I was reading because when I was over there I actually went in to the laundry closet and looked at all the cleaners and then thought " you know what I think I'll just leave it, I'm sure there is a special potion and I would only make it worse!" I'm so glad he is ok!! :0)

Kimmie said...

Since adopting sons, we have had two trips in an ambulance for King Meemer. I think it must be a boy thing, as in all the other 16 years of parenthood (with daughters), we never once visited the hospital.

Glad everything is okay and that he had such a good

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted