Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This morning, I cleaned two trash bags of food out of our house. It was not my choice.

Last night, I went down to get a loaf of bread out of my freezer. I heard dripping. I was alarmed and then noticed that the loaf, which I had just taken out, was not freezing in my hands. It's amazing the things you can miss the first time when you are preoccupied with life. I opened the lid again and saw that EVERYTHING was room temp. Yes, I have shed tears over all the food that was lost...6 OMAC meals, two huge bags of pork chops, a thing of chicken breasts, two packs of steaks, a turkey, a few bags of veggies, a few pounds of ground beef, three loaves of bread, frozen pizzas, and a couple of novelty items. A few weeks worth of dinners, about $150, gone. I was planning on not shopping again for three more weeks, now it's inevitable.

I am not sad about the loss of the freezer, well, not really. It gave us a pretty good run. It was something I was praying for about three or so years ago. One night, about two weeks later, my hubby was taking the trash down and found a freezer. He ran an extension cord down to see if it worked and it did! So, we payed nothing for it. I was just hoping it would last a little longer, especially since we had all of that food in it.

So it's with a lump in my throat that I once again stare at the verse and mouth the words:

“The LORD gives and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD” (Job 1:21).

2 things to add:

Rebecca said...

Oh my. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about everything you lost! I am so sorry. I have a little extra frozen food I can share if need be.


Kimmie said...

Oh Beth I am sorry. Maybe you could get another through freecycle (it is where we got ours). Someone was remodeling and just wanted an 'updated' model...personally, our garage doesn't care.

I know how hard this must hurt. I am praying for you and your husband's need for a job.

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one homemade and 6 adopted