Friday, April 17, 2009


It's amazing what a box can become...especially to two creative kids.

I loved playing in boxes when I was a kid. My Dad would put together different sizes to make us a huge house with doors, widows, was great. We would stay down in the basement for hours. I think it was the plan.

We had a box in the basement. Today, I needed to get some laundry done. It's amazing how it backs up when Mommy is working and neglects some of her household duties. :-) So, I pulled the box out and cut a huge window in it, expecting them to use it as a McDonald's drive thru. A few minutes later, I looked over to see Kaitlyn performing and Landon watching intently.

They had turned it in to a TV.

2 things to add:

Rebecca said...

Love it! It reminds me of this book we have called "Christina Katerina and the Box" and how the kids turn one box into all sorts of things: a race car, pirate ship, ballroom floor, etc. I used to love decorating boxes....

Christy said...

so cute :)