Wednesday, August 26, 2009



It's official. Last night, I pushed the confirm button and registered for my first half-marathon. Kinda scary. I will be running the Capital City River Run in Lansing, Michigan on September 27th. I can't wait to tour on foot.

Here goes nothin.

4 things to add:

Rebecca said...

Oh, my! How exciting! Are you running 'alone' or will some of your best buds be joining you?

Melissa said...

Don't be scared. When you passed me in the Crim you looked like you could go forever. Me on the other hand. . . we'll see how it goes:) It will be fun. And it sounds cool to say you did a half marathon.

Hollie said...

Can't wait to finish another race with you, Friend! This is gonna be great!

Beth said...

Becki - we are doing a repeat of the CRIM and my sister and Hollie are joining me.