Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She went to kindergarten...

Kaitlyn and I made it through her first day of school. I am so thankful that Dan was able to take her on her first day. I couldn't.

The night before, Dan, Kaitlyn, and I were laying in her bed (her in the middle). I had a flash back, back to when she was a tiny newborn and slept in between Dan and me. We snuggled up close, all three of us. I wondered where the time had gone. And then I began to think about the day that is coming. Will we snuggle up, all three of us, in her bed the night before we give her away?

I was so excited to pick my princess up and hear all about her day. The boys and I hopped in the van and took off for school. I got there 5 or so minutes early and stood around wondering how she was. When I finally got a glimpse of her I was shocked because she was holding her (male) gym teacher's hand...I really thought she would be scared of him. Anyway, she saw me and her eyes lit up and she walked quickly over. She gave me a big hug and began talking...non-stop.

She told me about how she cried when Daddy dropped her off and then again when she couldn't find her teacher before going in and then again at her desk.

She told me about how she learned to do jumping jacks in gym class and how Miss Lindsey tied her shoes for her.

She told me about the new friend she made and how she didn't remember he name but only remembered that she had black skin, black hair, and braids, and was a bus rider.

She told me about how she wanted to go back tomorrow and asked if Daddy could drop her off again and I could pick her up. I was relieved that she wanted to go back.

When we got home, I pulled out the video camera and "interviewed" her. It was very cute. She repeated everything again to me. She ran and got her backpack and pulled out the art she worked on today. She told me about the story they read about a teddy bear. She colored a beautiful teddy. She then pulled out a picture that she drew of our house and her and her best friend. Above the house she wrote, "Fun House" and above her and Kylee she wrote, "BFF". I asked if she was helped and she said, "No, I just know how to spell those." She is one smart cookie.

So, we made it. Another mile stone down...many more to go. We just gotta take it one step at a time...the first stride is usually the hardest. Kaitlyn and I have made a pact : We are going to try not to cry tomorrow.

Baby girl, I am so proud of you! Momma knows how worried about your first day you were, but you made it. You are so smart and will do awesome this year! I am looking forward to seeing you blossom!

3 things to add:

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Thats awesome, I'm so glad she enjoyed her first day!! and that you made it through ;0) The growing is so hard, but so neat to see!

Andrea said...

Great post, Beth! I was tearing up. Here's hoping she has a great second day too!

Stephanie said...

Great idea with the camcorder and recording her explanation of the day! I just might do that this year after the kids' first days of preschool!