Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ten miles. I am running it again. I may be crazy...but at least I can say that two other girls that I love are too.

I am giving The CRIM another go. I may not be as excited or obsessed about it as last year, but I am really looking forward to it.

I went on the website last night to stare at my number and also look at the course route. Every time I see "Bradley Hills" written out, I can literally feel the pain from last year and the feeling of defeat. Not. This. Year. Bradley, I may not kick your butt, but you certainly won't kick mine this year.

I am a tad bit excited because the 22nd (race day) is now included in the 10 day forecast. I am praying for anything but thunderstorms or hot and humid. And yes, I will be checking the 10 day forecast a few times a day to check for any changes.

This training season has been very different from last year. I not am not only juggling my family and duties at home along with training, this year I have a job to juggle also. It's been tough. I have taken a bit more laid back approach and it seems to be paying off. I think last year, I overdid it and really wore myself out. I plan to take a laid back approach on race day also and treat it as just another day of training. The most challenging part of the race is from mile five to six. If I can just make it to mile 6 with some steam left in me, I am positive I can pick up the pace a bit and give it a good four miles to the finish. After all it's just another day of training... for the Half Marathon that I am running in September with my sister!! It was totally her idea, but I can't sit back and watch her do it and not go for it too. We are heading back to the capital of the state that we *love* and runnin this thing. Here goes nothin!

4 things to add:

Jamie said...

So proud of you! Good luck, I am sure you will kick the course's butt!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Good luck! Will be praying for all three of you on the big day!

Hollie said...

Rock it out Friend... Rock it out!

Erin said...

so funny...I was just going to type "rock it out" too!!!!! LOL It seems like the best thing to say in this circumstance!