Sunday, August 9, 2009

Party on, boys!

Yesterday, we had a combined birthday party for the boys. The weather cleared up just as everyone was arriving and we had a fun filled party...hotdogs, chips, watermelon, cake, water balloons, water slides, little guys' were in heaven! They loved their party!

From the time everyone arrived, Landon was itching to open his presents. He was so happy when it was finally time.

He's very into transformers all of a sudden
a few of our guests

My almost 4 year old taking a giant leap

My two year old covered in grass

My little guy enjoying the slide (thanks to our favorite neighbours)

Collin decided to put on the party hat after everyone left. The string goes under your chin, honey, not under your nose!

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Rebecca said...

So great! Looks like your boys had a wonderful time. I wish I could see Collin's face close-up in the one where he's going down the slide. He looks so 'surprised'! Seems like it was a wonderful time of celebrating two wonderful boys :>)