Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Zaiah!

Collin Isaiah ~ August 2, 2007
Another's fun looking back!

I had not felt good in about two days. I woke up the morning of the 2nd and decided to take just a little tsp of Mr. Castor, oil that is. We go way back...don't ask. :-) Dan took the other two off to his parents to swim and be with family and I geared up for labor by sleeping the day away. My parents were on their way out and I was trying to hold on until they got here. I was contracting but I told myself I was not having any false alarms with this kid. If I was going to make the trek to the hospital, it was going to be the real thing. My family arrived home before dinner and we roasted hotdogs on the fire and just hung out. I began to feel the contractions even more. We put the kids to bed and my parents arrived, hummm, I think it was around nine-thirty or so. We were all tired and so we all went to bed. I figured if it was the real thing, I would wake up. Not thirty minutes after I had layed down (around 10), I was at the foot of the bed hunched over with horrible back pain and major cramping. I woke Dan up and told him I needed to! I went downstairs to the guest room and told my parents I was leaving. They wished me good luck. My Mom walked up the stairs with me and I had to stop for a contraction as she pressed on my back to relieve the pain. She walked me to the car and we were off.

The ride was a little more than CRAZY! We weren't ten minutes down the road when my water the car. I had nothing under me. It was disgusting. I was warned last time, with Landon, because I went so quickly, that if my water was to ever brake on it's own I better be at the hospital or very close. The pain got more intense and we both were freaking out. Dan, with his quick thinking, called a police friend of ours and warned him of a vehicle reaching dangerous speeds heading through his town. His reply, "Rock it out, man, rock it out." I will never forget that! Dan turned up the was on Holy Moment, which to this day reminds me of Collin and his birth.

We got to the hospital, with Erin coming in behind us. I didn't think I could stand up. Dan went and got a wheel chair for me. I sat down and I insisted that he get my ipod out of the trunk. When a lady, who is about to have a baby, insists on something you better do it. With a little arguing, he got my beloved out of the trunk.

They shot us right up to labor and delivery, and yes, we stopped at the scale. I was about to drop a baby on the floor and they needed to get my weight. I walked to my room and Erin had arrived. I got undressed and headed to the bed where they checked me. I was at an 8. I plugged in my head phones and went to another place. Stand, by Rascal Flatts came on, which also reminds me of his birth. I was mouthing the words and both Dan and Erin thought I wanted to stand. I had an out of body experience and saw myself in the bed and Erin, Dan, and my nurse discussing how there was no way that I could stand. Still makes me smile. It wasn't long after that I needed to push. The doctor was on her way up and they told me not to...yeah, right. I fought it hard the first time, but I could fight no more. The nurse was holding my knees together telling me not to push. The third time, Collin made his entrance...delivered by two nurses. From the time we pulled up to the ER door to the time he was born was 27 minutes. He was born at 11:47PM...just 13 minutes away from being born on the 3rd. It was the perfect birth...I ended on a good note.

My little angel boy is two today and I just can't believe it.
We thought we were done having kids after I had Landon. We got pregnant unexpectedly and I miscarried and prayed that God would bless us with another. Collin means Victorious and we chose his middle name meaning God is my Savior.

From the very beginning of his life, he has been nothing but a joy. He is goofy, wild, and crazy. He is coordinated beyond his years and too smart for his own good. He is an entertainer and a people person. He's such a little ham. If I could freeze him right now, I would.

His likes:

Collin loves riding his two wheeler. He is so good on it...except for his love of the street. He always seems to be super speedy when heading toward the road...huge smile on his face and all.

Collin loves Curious George. They are similar and he could quite possibly get some of his ideas from that curious little monkey. He has also become pretty fond of the Backyardigans and sleeps with two figurines of Pablo and Tyrone.

Collin loves Miss Hollie. She is his favorite person in the whole wide world. Many times throughout the day, he asks where she is. When they were on vacation, I went over to water their flowers and he stood on the porch knocking and asking where she was. When it was time to go back home, I had to pull him off of the porch and carry him away kicking and screaming, "Ha-yee, Ha-yee!" It was terrible.

Collin loves to swim. He has mastered swimming with floaties on. He looks so little out in the pool by himself. At a recent birthday party, he even got up enough courage to go down the waterslide all by himself...3 times. He's a daredevil.

Collin loves broccoli...aka : Broccoli Trees. One morning, I asked him what he wanted for breakfast to which he replied, "Broccoli trees." So, that is exactly what I made for him.

Collin loves his Bumpa (Grandpa), Grandma, Gammie, and Poppy. He is always asking to go to "Bumpa's house" and cries when I tell him no or when Grandpa is not there. Just the other day, we were going somewhere and to get him in the car, Kaitlyn told him we were going to Gammie's house. On our way home, once he saw us pull in to our sub, he started screaming, "Gammie's house!" It was pretty sad actually.

Collin, I thank God that He was not done adding to our family when we thought we were. You are such a blessing to our family. You bring such laughter and goofiness. You have become such a big boy in the last year. You remind me so much of your Daddy! I pray that we will raise you up to love Jesus and you will follow and serve him all of your days here on earth.

Happy Golden Birthday, baby boy! Momma loves you so very much!

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Hollie said...

Happy Birthday Zaiah Zaiah!! It's been a blast being able to be a part of your life... to sit back and watch you grow. Although, you really don't let anyone sit back for too long! ;o)

Love You...
Miss Hollie