Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Michigan

My beautiful family
Rich & Melissa, Dan & myself, Adam & Amber (due to have their first child July 2009!)

Kaitlyn and all the boys (there has been a kid born every year since 2004!)

Kaitlyn with her Aunt Amber (who she absolutely loves!)

My sister and me

My Dad and me

Collin with his cousin (partners in crime)

2 things to add:

Erin said...

AWESOME!!!!!! Congrats to your brother and SIL!!! How Exciting!!!

Did they tell you at Christmas or did you know?

Brittany said...

I m so glad that you where able to go "Home" for the Holidays!!! I know it can get hard if you are not able to see your mom and dad and brother and sister for Christmas!! Oh and CONGRATS on your brother and sister in law!!! YEAH, hey are you and Hollie going to have to go out again??