Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mommy Understands

I am a first born girl. My little princess is a first born girl. Although, I wouldn't say that she is as strong willed as I was (or heard that I was :-) ), everyday she reminds me more and more of myself. I feel as if I am talking to myself when I was younger. Daily I would hear, "Bethany Lyn, it doesn't concern you", or "Bethany Lyn, you're not the boss." Twenty years later, I am inserting my daughters name into both of those sentences.

It's a constant struggle getting her to mind her own business and stop being so bossy. It makes me smile and feel sorry for her all at the same time because I see so much of myself in her and I know what struggles she will face because of it. She is a natural born leader. Give her a chance to lead and she will take control. Last week, during our family filled week, it was so evident. I want to be ever so careful not to crush that quality in her but I also know that it could be her biggest weakness if not handled correctly. You can't be a good leader unless you also know how to follow. It has taken me almost six years of marriage to finally be able to willingly submit to my husband...something I hope she gets sooner.

So, my precious baby girl, I am so thankful for the first born girl that God has given your Daddy and I. You may not know, but Mommy understands you and knows before you will, the struggles you will encounter because of these traits God has wired in both of us. I pray that God will give your Daddy and I the wisdom we need to shepherd your heart. May we not provoke you to anger or crush your spirit, but nurture you in to the fullest that God has for you.

2 things to add:

Rebecca said...

Well put! When Tatiana was born, we were an entire family of firstborns: hubby, wife & 1st child! Talk about head-butting :>

K is very lucky to have a first-born mommy who will understand her struggles & be a great example of what a blessing being a first born can be!

Andrea said...

From another first-born girl...she is certainly lucky to have a momma who understands. When I was a kid I remember it being so hard to understand why my sister just could not "get it." From unwrapping her own gifts to tying shoes and homework. She just needed time to learn on her own and I needed to stop butting in. My way wasn't always the only way. It was the reason for many a fight between us. And probably the reason she only in the last 4-5 years has started listening to me. She probably started tuning me out at 4 years old. Anyway, if I had known then that it was my approach (read:bossiness) and not that she didn't like me or want my help, we might have been a better friends when we were younger.

So great that you are able to recognize that strength in your little girl and help her to cultivate it in a way that doesn't hurt other people but let's her shine.

And to all the other first-borns out there (I married one too!)....I think you'll know what I mean when I say. "I was just trying to help!" =)