Thursday, January 8, 2009

"I vant to draw your blood."

I was a phlebotomist for two years before marrying Dan. I loved the job. I was good at it. It was fast paced and I never had the same day twice. I like variety because I am high energy and get bored very easy.

I said goodbye to the lab when Dan and I were married. I sold all of my scrubs and figured that I would never be back in the lab...if I was, it wouldn't be until the kids were grown and I had nothing better to do.

Well, God had other plans and this past Tuesday was my first day back in the lab. I am working at a cute little hospital. At the old hospital, it was nothing for me to have 20-30 morning draws to do. I learned on Tuesday that it is considered a busy morning if we have 10! I have quickly picked it back up. I am not as good or fast as I used to be, but I know that in no time I will be drawing the patients that no one else can get. There is quite a bit of clerical work along with this job. I am not used to that. Before, I just drew blood. Here, we order our own tests, spin blood down, prepare paperwork for doctors, and a few extras. So, with all the other stuff along with drawing blood, it makes for a full day.

I am looking forward to my next week in the lab. I am not looking forward to going back to my other job for the weekend...blah!

2 things to add:

Sharon said...

I guess the next time I need blood drawn I should come by you. I never seem to get the person with experience. I have hard to find veinsand I end up leaving with band aids on both arms and hands.

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Glad you got back into the swing of things so quickly!

Praying that in a jiffy you won't have to go to that "other" job ;0)

btw, I didn't comment, but I really enjoyed reading your last post and seeing God work in your life. Thank you for sharing, and welcome back to our home away from home ;0)