Friday, January 23, 2009


take for granted - to underestimate the value of.

It's funny because the saying holds true: You don't know what you've got until it's gone. I have been living that for almost five months. It has made me that much more thankful for what we do have. Below are just a few of the things I now know the true value of.

My husband's job - For obvious reasons. I figured he would always have one...a good one...a well paying one. I was thankful when he had one but underestimated it's value completely.

My marriage - In the busyness of life, it's easy to let your marriage go. At the end of the day, afterall, they will still be next to you. This has been tough on our marriage...especially in the beginning. This has changed us and God has strengthened our marriage. Our marriage has never sucked, but up until recently, it hasn't ever been this good either. We used to go out...a lot. It became the norm. I just expected a date night once or twice a week. It got so the time wasn't special. Sometimes we would even fight all the way to dinner or all the way home. Terrible. I underestimated the value of my wonderful man. Thankfully, God gave us more time on this earth together to turn things around.

A second car - Again, I figured we would always have two vehicles. It was a need. How could we do without? Since the end of October, we have been driving around, all five of us, in a ChevyAveo. It's crammed but boy and I thankful for that car now! We had my in-law's car for almost two weeks while they we out of town and it was absolutely wonderful! To think we had that luxury for five and a half years! I can't even say I was thankful for having two cars...I guess I figured it was a given. Now, I know the value.

Long days stuck at home with my kids - Right before Dan lost his job, he was working long hours. He would leave at 4 in the morning and not get home until around 6. I love my kids to death but sometimes I just wanted to lock myself in the closet and pray they wouldn't notice I was gone. Those days were priceless and I underestimated the value and privilege that was given to me. I pray days stuck at home are quickly approaching for me. I miss my kiddos.

People - If you would have asked me at the beginning of all of this if I truly needed people, I would have told you no. It wasn't until we were back at WBC that I began to see that I desperately needed people around me, supporting me, loving me, encouraging me and it's alright to admit that I can't do this alone. It's such a blessing to be home again. I am blessed to be among a church family that knows how to love and encourage!

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Rebecca said...

This was a really great post! These things that you've learned the value of are HUGE!! When He strips us down to the bare essentials, I think we find more contentment with the little we have. I am finding renewed value in many of the same things you posted about. Since I am sick so much of the time, I am finding value in actually being ABLE to do housework. I actually miss being productive in my homemaking. Who knew?!