Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slim-down Sundays

I am disappointed but I guess I can't ask for any more considering:

  • I have had one day off since last Thursday
  • I came down with Strep on Wednesday
  • I haven't gotten my much needed friend

I enjoyed working out with Hollie this week. Jillian kicked my butt and it was nice to change it up a bit by doing the 30 Day Shred along with 20 minutes of running. This snow has been a tad bit depressing but hopefully the roads will clear and I can get out there sometime this week.

Results: I am now down to 138.2. I was hoping for more but my goal is to pull a bigger number next week.

I am sure getting my shirt will motivate me even more ;-)

3 things to add:

Rebecca said...

Hey, you lost a pound! That's great! Nothing to be disappointed about, especially considering your rough week :>)

Brittany said...

Hey I am am right there with you. I am only down a pound to. This week I have to find a way to bump up my work outs though!!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Maybe when your "friend" comes that will mean you really lost a little more, but I still think 1 pound is great! Like I always say thats one pound of butta gone!!

Hope you have a better week! :0)