Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am thoroughly convinced that no matter what kind or what you do to it, pasta is terrible for you. Don't fool yourselves by going with whole grain...not so much better. Don't get me wrong, I love pasta. It's one of those foods that I think is laced with crack. On the menu for tonight: spaghetti. Dan did a wonderful job on the sauce. It was cooked to perfection. Which left me with quite a dilemma: Eat or not to eat. I chose to moderation.

Have you ever measured out 2 oz of pasta for yourself? It's less than what I slap on the plate for my 17 month old. I was left with a little baby plate that was equivalent of about three bites. Before I took my first of three bites, I stared longingly at my plate and thought back to this past summer when I could eat four times that and not have anything to show for it (on my butt or hips...darn winter!) I wanted more so bad but chose to fill up on broccoli and water instead.

Bottom line: Pasta is not the food of choice when trying to drop a few pounds. BEWARE!

3 things to add:

Erin said...

Which stinks because it is typically very inexpensive!

Rebecca said...

Maybe it only makes a bigger difference when you have so little to lose? It's funny because I was just reading in one of Giada's cookbooks last night {Everyday Pasta} that it has virtually no fat & is not the culprit. I would frequently have 1 cup of pasta as part of WW.

Don't villanize pasta!! It's not the bad guy!! ;>)

{All that said with a light heart, in case you can't read my expressions through the computer.}

Melissa said...

Maybe try spaghetti squash??? I hear it tastes about the same.