Monday, June 23, 2008

Driving Annoyances

I should be sleeping. I have been up since 2:50AM. I left Michigan this morning and headed home. I am pretty sure that the 10 Timbits and a medium Iced Capp is the culprit for not catching the Z's that I need and was hoping to get this afternoon. So, here I sit with a caffeine headache and shaky hands (I rarely have caffeine and pay for it when I do...yes, it has been about 10 hours!). Oh, I forgot to mention that I feel like I am floating and going a million miles an hour...this should be a great post!!

I love driving. I love driving even more on the express way through Chicago. I look forward to it. But, there are those times when I just wish the stupid people would just get out of my way and get off the road if they are going to do any of the below:

If it was a question in anyone's mind, the left lane is for passing and faster traffic. When you look in your rear view mirror and see someone riding your tail and to your right is another person passing you....GET OVER YOU ARE GOING TOO SLOW.

Cruise control is your friend and is there for a reason...use it. The people around you aren't speeding up and slowing down. Look at your speedometer, it's probably you if you continue to pass and be passed by the same people.

Women should never drive while putting on make up. It's pretty much worse than driving drunk....only, you look in the mirror and know you aren't looking too hot because you have no make up on or you have colored outside the lines.

If you see brake lights up ahead, please begin to decelerate. Don't wait until the last minute and then slam on your brakes. The flow of traffic would be a lot smoother if we all kept our distance when traffic has slowed and took it easy.

Man, I really need to go lay down or something this shaking a racing is really getting to me. :-)

2 things to add:

Bonnie said...

I totally hear ya Beth!! Well said!

Saralyn said...

glad you back :~)