Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The past few days...

A visitor came to stay with us for a short while.

We found her a forever home because ours is totally crowded already.

Collin got sick and then broke out in a strange rash.

Turns out, it was Roseola.

Our phone and internet were down. That was pretty much torture. I felt cut off from the world. My van is in the shop too. Thank goodness for the sunshine though! I was seriously feeling like we would start growing mold any minute! Hope your past few days have been better then mine!

4 things to add:

Brittany said...

our past few days sound some what the same with the rashes. Robbie broke out in a rash and come to find out he has 5th disease (which is NOT as bad as it sounds) But he too broke out in a REALLY bad rash so that is where we are sitting now:( But let me tell you what wonders benadril dose!!! LOVE IT.
I hope everything starts look up for you guys:)

Bonnie said...

So glad you found a home for the kitty. I tried to get my dad to take her for his girlfriend's birthday but he wouldn't do it.
Hope Collin's roseola gets better soon. Destiney had that when she was a baby too!

Hollie said...

Glad to have you back online!!

Sharon said...

Roseola and he still has the biggest smile on his adorable face. He is too cute!