Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Verdict Is In...

My $1 trial of the grocery game is up at the end of this week. I will not be continuing on with it. Did I save money? Yes I did. I saved an average of $30-40 dollars a week. It was pretty easy. No real planning or work involved. I cancelled for these reasons:

- It's something that, if I put the time into it, I can do myself. It's just a matter of setting aside time while the kids are napping or in the evening when they are playing outside or with Daddy and study sales fliers and coupons and put the two together for the best deals.

- There wasn't a wide variety of stores. As far as grocery stores for my area, there was Jewel (25 minutes away) and Meijer (about 40 minutes away). I do go to Jewel sometimes but I probably make it out to Meijer and that area about four times a year is all. With gas being the way it is, I really can't see driving all the way out there. Once our Super Walmart opens, I really don't plan on leaving my little town other than for church.

- If it wasn't for Aldi, I probably wouldn't have saved as much as I did. I got the best deals at Jewel and then went to Aldi for the rest of the stuff I needed. I guess I need to see what is more worth it to me...dragging my kiddos to three different stores or just hitting Super Walmart and being done. Right now, all three stores are pretty close together but once we get our SW I really can't see doing that anymore.

Just some thoughts in case anyone was wondering what ever happened with The Grocery Game.

2 things to add:

Sharon said...

When my sales fliers come on Wednesday, I sit down and check out who has the best deals and what coupons I have to go along with that deal. I know it won't work for you because of distance but I go to Josephs for all our produce. It is usually always cheaper than anywhere else plus it lasts longer and tastes great.

Rebecca said...

You could always do the sales match-ups w/the coupons & then price match everything at the SuperWM. That is what I plan on doing, that way you get all the best deals without all the running around. HTH!