Monday, June 2, 2008

Ten Months!

My angel boy is ten months old today! He is quite the social little man and has been jabbering right along with his older sister and brother. He even tries to talk over his Daddy in some conversations. He got another tooth this month and I am happy to report that this month he was sickness free...finally! His hair is just adorable with all of his curls and I am hoping that Daddy doesn't make me cut it anytime soon. He has been enjoying his days outside but doesn't like his knees touching the ground so he has a hilarious "grass crawl". No walking yet. He is my first that did walk at 9 months or before....I am actually wishing he would hurry up and take off. He has been flying around the furniture and standing without assistance though. I don't think it will be long. He is still WAY into his orange veggies and loves applesauce. I have been feeding him more of what we eat thought to try and get him used to that. He likes having his older sis carry him around and seems to be more into following Landon around...not too much longer and they will be playing off of eachother and getting into trouble like only brothers can do. Happy ten months, my precious angel boy! I hope you continue to be my cuddle bug for a few months longer!

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Bonnie said...

Beth- he is quite the handsome little guy!! He's getting so big.
So, when daddy decides it's time for a hair cut, how do you plan on cutting it? Just curious because you know the curls Casen has also :o)