Thursday, September 18, 2008

Almost Three Weeks

Well, it's been almost three weeks since the lay off. Three weeks ago, if you would have told me that our bills would be paid until the end of the month, our cupboards would be full, and I would actually be happy, I wouldn't have believed it for a minute. But, our bills are paid until the end of the month, we have all the food we need, and I am actually feeling pretty good.

So, updates...

I went for an interview today and was hired on the spot. It's close to home and I will be working 32 hours a week. I am not thrilled about it but, it's a job. Gotta take one for the team. I will be hopefully taking classes in January to become a CNA. I am meeting with someone the first week of October about that.

We haven't seen one dime of unemployment yet...grrrr.

My best friend, Hollie, took me grocery shopping at the beginning of the week. That meant so much. Have I told you how much you ROCK?!

Her sister, Brittany, sent a gift card to Walmart. I opened up the card and tears welled up in my eyes (a theme lately). Must be a family ROCK too!

A friend from church, Karen, stopped by today with a bag full of beef. There was about 10 pounds of ground beef, 4 packs of hamburger patties (6 in each pack), two roasts, and a few steaks. I am looking for recipes for all that ground beef! That was awesome to know that we will be having protein in our diets. :-)

Dan tests for a position this Saturday so you can be in prayer for that. We are very excited about it and hoping it works out.

The garage sale is Saturday! The weather is supposed to be great. I am praying for bus loads and another grand total like last time.

So, we have had a lot of family time this week. It's been really nice to have Dan home. The kids have loved playing games with him, having him read books to them, playing outside with him, and doing the bedtime routine with him. I am beginning to wonder how I ever did this myself. :) I have been spoiled this past week and trying to cherish every moment. We love having him home!

It's been awesome to see our every need provided since September 2nd. God is good!

5 things to add:

Brittany said...

I am so happy to hear that everything is really working out for you guys. That is a total answered prayer of mine.

Erin said...

Still praying from the hotel. I am glad to hear that GOD is providing for you the way that he promised he would. It is a reminder for the rest of us! Now I can say "see, God won't let me down, look how he fulfilled his promises to provide for Dan and Beth". It's not like I didn't know that but only that I think we all sometimes need a reminder!

Thanks for keeping us all updated!

Rebecca said...

What in the world is taking the unemployment so long?? I would think it should be any day now though...

What a huge blessing to see all the ways God is taking care of you :>) I'd be glad to pass along some ground beef recipes!

I will call you soon so we can chat!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Sounds like you'll be OAMCing it this week ;0)

Will pray for the unemployment issue!! :0)

Hollie said...

No... No... You ROCK! Love ya!