Thursday, September 25, 2008

For a Season

I am officailly working now. My first day today...8am to 5pm. I got a few opinions, concerns, and imput about me going back to work. I too was wrestling with it myself, trying to weigh my options and see what God would really have me to do. What it boils down to is that this is for a season and I am going to do what I have to for the sake of my family. It's funny how God already had the details worked out and pretty much took care of my concerns right away. I was most concerned about the hours. I am going to be working 4pm to 1am. I was thinking about all I would miss. I love our bedtime routine. I just kept thinking about how I would no longer be able to tuck the kids in nice and tight. I would no longer be able to ask the kids what they wanted Mommy to sing to them about and make up a lullaby about a topic of their choice (fun, fun, fun especially when Landon was old enough to be able to give his input. I end up with topics like capguns, Kasen, and snowboarding. Try singing about that kind of stuff in a nice quiet, soothing voice...pretty darn hilarious!). Well, I found out that I will get an hour for lunch. With work being less than 5 minutes down the road, I will be able to go home. And wouldn't you know, I have to take my lunch from about 8pm to 9pm. Perfect! Thank you to Sharon. She reminded me that it's about the way you spend your time when you are together. Today when I got home, it was all about them. I was tired but I put the rest of the energy I had into spending quality time with them. It was refreshing. Anyway, it's not a career but it's going to help us squeak by until God provides a job for Dan. On to watch SURVIVOR...season premiere!!!

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Peaceful Chaoz said...

:0) Have a good weekend!

Hollie said...

I'm proud of you Beth! Hang in there and remember... This is for the team!