Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This morning was the first day of Cubbies! This is Kaitlyn's second year and she was so excited to be going back to her "Cubbie School". This is Landon's first year and he was not so excited. He's been pretty attached to Daddy and told me on the way there that he would really miss his Daddy while he was at Cubbie School. Well, he made it just fine but he did comment on how he had "a too long day." Kaitlyn is more than ready to start memorizing again.

Tomorrow, I start my job. I have orientation from 8am to 5pm. I am assuming I will be starting the actual job next week... at least I am hoping to have the weekend with my family before I start.

The last couple days, we have been working to get the house de-cluttered. I have never wanted to throw away this much this bad. Our trash can is over flowing and it's been a great feeling. Dan has been tackling the garage the past two days and it's coming along nicely. Hopefully by tonight, we will be able to park our two cars in there with no problem.

I just love Suzie Orman. I am going to head to the library some time and check out her book to read. She was on Oprah and I always love to watch when she is on. She has some great advice. One of the things that she has said is that when people have debt, they have clutter. Dan and I are ready to turn over a new leaf. This is the first time in our whole marriage where I feel like we are on the same page about our finances. So, we are ready to de-clutter and clean up our debt. Maybe in a year we can say we are debt free.

This morning, I actually set my alarm to get up and go running. We haven't heard an alarm in over three weeks. I hate the sound but it felt good to be up early and out of bed. I have a 10K coming up the end of October. I haven't been consistently running and I have been missing it the past few days. I don't hate running anymore. So, with a little over a month until the race, it's time to get back on track.

Just some happenings around here. Can't believe it's Wednesday already!

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Rebecca said...

Sounds like lots of great things happening! The kiddos look so cute heading off to Cubbies :>)

You'll have to let us know how the Suzie Orman book is. I think I've seen her several times, but not on Oprah. I think she has her own show on another cable network? That is so interesting about the clutter/debt. Hmmmm......Can't wait to check out the website you mentioned on my blog :>)

Good luck tomorrow!