Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Take Note

I am about to burst with what God has been doing this week but I have chosen to wait until Friday to share! I am humbled.

I have been thinking a lot this past week about what I plan to do in the future to help those out who are in our same situation. I have been thinking about the wonderful ways people have and continue to help us out. Here are a few lessons I have learned:

~ The first couple days are the hardest, loneliest, darkest. It's in the first two days that the word was just getting out about our situation, we were scrambling, we were freaking out, and needed people around us desperately. Don't wait to see what happens. Act.

~ There are only a few people that I feel comfortable just coming out and asking for things. Bottom line, don't wait for people to ask. So many times in the past, I have said, "If you need anything, just ask." I don't know about you, but I hate asking for things. It has been so nice to have people just show up with things. Today, my neighbor called while she was at Walmart and asked what we needed. She was already at the store, how could I resist? :-) There have also been a few others that have sent an email telling me that they would be over with certain could I refuse?

~ If they are a friend, don't let them withdrawal. When I am going through difficult times, I tend to put a wall up, withdrawal, and keep my distance from people. It's been really nice to have people constantly checking up/in on me.

~ You don't truly understand until you have been there. It's been wonderful to hear other people's stories of how God carried them through a lay off. It's been helpful to hear what to do and what not to do. It's been nice to have people help us that know exactly what you are going though.

~ Prayer and Bible verses have been such a comfort! We feel so lifted up! There has been an amazing peace over the past four days that can only be explained by the power of God.

I probably could add a few more but I will leave it at that. Thank you everyone for your continued prayer. We are so thankful for everything that God is doing through so many for our family!

3 things to add:

Peaceful Chaoz said...
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Peaceful Chaoz said...

Sorry bout the previous one, I had a different take on it after I read it again, lol!

For me another one would be, that I personally try and think through and pray before talking with someone in a time of need. I know in our times we were so blessed by the people that helped and still are, but their were a few that intentional or not said some hurtful things, when what we really needed was building up. I will always remember how I have felt when that has happened and hopefully remember to build rather than break down, especially in situations where they are already broken.

Looking foward to reading tomorow about all your blessings, will be posting a few of my own as well!

Rebecca said...

What a great reminder of how best to help those in need! I can't wait to hear more about what God has been doing. It is stirring something in my heart to share our past job loss experience(s).

From a practical standpoint, stockpiling has been such a blessing to us in many ways. Whenever I plan on bypassing an incredible deal, I try and think to myself that even though I don't need it today, someone else might need it tomorrow. Or, even *I* might need it somewhere down the road. When the storage shelf/bin is filled or the freezer has plenty of OAMC meals, it's easy to just put a couple things in a basket to share with those who need it. Just a thought.