Sunday, June 15, 2008

If it wasn't for Dad

Let's face it, for little girls (obviously I can only speak from my experience), Dad is the fun parent. Mom's are there to make sure you don't get hurt, dirty, sick, too tired, or eat too much junk food. If it wasn't for my Dad...

...I would have never gotten to see just how I should be treated by a guy. He treated my Mom like a queen, respected her, provided for and protected the family.

...I would have settled for someone that didn't come close to the man that Dan is.

...I wouldn't have had (not all at the same time) 3 dogs, 3 cats and a few kittens, a bunch of fish, half a dozen hampsters, two birds, and more rabbits than we wanted. I know now why my Mom wasn't too fond of animals. They are just another thing to remember to feed and clean up after. My love for animals definitley comes from my Dad. There was even a time where we had a goose living in our garage and he trapped a few chipmunks for us. As a kid, that was just too cool.

...I wouldn't have been able to walk through a swamp hunting, fish with a makeshift fishing pole made from a large stick, or have a pet frog that I walked on a leash. How fun is that?!

...I think I would have a screwed up view of the grace, mercy, and love of my Heavenly Father. I knew I could always go to my Dad. I knew I was always loved. I knew I was always forgiven. I knew he only wanted the best for me.

...I wouldn't be the driven, disiplined person that I am today. He always pushed me. He once apologized for being so hard on me but I honestly am glad that he was. It made me realize just what I was capable of.

I am so thankful for the first man that I ever loved. I am thankful to God for entrusting me to my Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Which brings me to the one chosen by God to be the father of my children. Although I like to think that I am the "fun" parent...I am not. :-) I do believe that God chose for me, the best man to do the job of fathering our children. I am always amazed. It melts my heart when I see him in action. From fishing with the kids to reading bed time stories with them...and I am pretty sure they have heard him sing too (which is something that I never have). Our two oldest have gotten to the age where they ask, "Mommy, is it Friday yet?" because they know that means that when they wake up the next day, their Daddy will be there to pull them in bed for morning cuddles. It was no surprise to me that he turned out to be a great, involved daddy...that's partly the reason I married my man. Happy Father's Day. Every year, you are getting better and better at the toughest job you'll ever have. I pray that you will continue to be the father that God has called you to be and that you will lead your children by example. I love you!

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